June 7, 2023

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Teams supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund (GCF) are navigating the murky waters of flooded streets to save frightened animals clinging to rooftops or struggling to reach a patch of dry ground after the destruction of a major dam in southern Ukraine.

cat on roof in flood in ukraine

Animal Rescue Kharkiv set out for the devastated region with food, medical supplies, and boats soon after news broke of the flooding, and the group was shortly joined by another GCF-supported rescue team out of Mykolaiv.

“This catastrophe transcends any dramatic situation we have experienced side by side with our local partners since the outbreak of war.”

—Sylvie Bunz, Special Projects Senior Manager, PETA Germany

ARK rescue team member in front of boat

The floodwaters are challenging, and broken power lines and military devices are making the situation even more dangerous. Rescuers are risking their lives to reach as many stranded and traumatized survivors as possible. Teams are whisking the animals they save to a nearby clinic for any necessary veterinary care, while others are being transported to local shelters in the hope of reuniting them with their guardians.

dogs on roof flooding ukraineThe GCF’s Impact on Animals Since the Beginning of the War in Ukraine

  • Teams have rescued more than 11,000 animals so far.
  • PETA Germany has collected and delivered more than 3 million pounds of food (1.4 million kilograms) for animals in the country.
  • After support from the Global Compassion Fund helped rebuild ARK’s bombed clinic, 2,964 severely injured animals (and counting) received veterinary care.
  • ARK teams save 100 animals each week. Global Compassion Fund support helps with transportation, medical supplies, and much more.
  • ARK is caring for 1,000 cats and dogs in Kharkiv—rescuing and finding new homes for animals as well as reuniting them with their families.

dog in flooded water ukraine

How You Can Help

Your gift to PETA’s GCF today will support these daring rescue teams in Ukraine and provide hope to animals in desperate need.

Source: Peta.org