October 28, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Butter giant Upfield to be a fully plant-based company

Upfield, the owner of the Flora brand, has pledged to make a ‘100% plant-based product portfolio by 2025‘. The company also owns Rama, Blue Band, Proactiv, Becel, Country Crock and Vegan cheese brand violife.

Upfield’s purpose is to help people achieve happy and healthy lifestyles through plant-based food. Their recent ESG report compares plant-based margarine and spread to dairy butter and found that plant-based spreads have a 70% smaller climate impact, require half the water, require less than 66% of the land.

In 2020  ‘Consumers avoided more than 6 million tonnes of CO2′  by choosing upfields plant-based spreads and margarine instead of dairy products.

By 2030, Upfield’s wants to have zero waste going to landfills and eliminate 95% of plastic content in all their packaging. They also want to be carbon neutral.

Flora angered a lot of customers when they added buttermilk back into the spreads because the company thought customers preferred the original with dairy. After this a petition was made to make the products vegan again, Upfields would’ve had a lot of thinking to do, thus the move to make this commitment to being plant-based.

Vegan food UK posted the news on Instagram and there were some concerns with someone saying that they ‘ just hope they stick to this one’.

Whilst others are fully embracing the pledge saying how ‘Companies (are) finally seeing they need to do more to save the plant’

Do you think they will do it? Is 2025 soon enough?

Source: Veganfooduk.co.uk