June 30, 2023
From Vegconomist

Dallas-based company Plantasia Foods has launched pre-cooked, microwaveable vegan burger patties across the US.

Plantasia Foods was founded by Carlos Burroso, former senior vice president of R&D at Campbell Soup, along with George Vutetakis, chef and former head of R&D at Garden Fresh Gourmet. The two met when Campbell acquired Garden Fresh, and decided to start a venture that would meet the need for easy-to-prepare, nutritious plant-based products.

Sold frozen, the patties can be prepared in just 60 seconds; they contain 22 grams of protein and are free of soy, gluten, and GMOs. For those without a microwave, the burgers can also be grilled, fried, air-fried, or steamed.

Plantasia Foods is now planning to launch more products in the near future, including plant-based BBQ burgers and chick’n nuggets.

© Plantasia Foods

“Accessible and convenient”

The new launch comes after a recent market report predicted steady growth for the plant-based burger market, largely due to increased health consciousness and concerns about the safety of animal meat following the pandemic.

“At Plantasia Foods, we’re committed to providing delicious and healthy plant-based options that are accessible and convenient for everyone,” said Carlos Barroso, founder and CEO of Plantasia Foods. “We’re thrilled to be launching our Plant-Based Burger and are confident that it will be a hit with those who are looking for a quick, delicious, and complete meal.”

The burgers are available online from Hungry Root and GTFOitsVegan, with more retailers soon to follow.

Source: Vegconomist.com