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Former Carlsberg Director Hired by GRÖNT, the Fastest Growing Plant-Based Brand in Nordics

November 8, 2021
From Vegconomist

Former Carlsberg Director Hired by GRÖNT, the Fastest Growing Plant-Based Brand in Nordics – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • November 8, 2021


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    Plant-based brand is, according to the Copenhagen-based company, the fastest-growing plant-based brand in the Nordics with a presence in 3,000 locations across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. After its recent , GRÖNT announces its plans to roll out into the rest of Europe after appointing former Carlsberg Group director Mats Perander as Sales Director Europe. 

    Mats Perander specializes in business development and sales and export, and is experienced with distribution agreements and product launches across Europe. He has been a member of theTasteful Foods Board since March 2021 and began as sales director on November 1st 2021. For Perander, the objective over the next year is finding the right partners and expanding sales and distribution networks into the main European markets. 

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    “There is a clear demand for convenience products that taps into the trend of consuming less meat. Denmark is a gastronomic hotspot and for retailers, GRÖNT is a new and attractive proposal to the frozen section. The listings, sales and feedback in the Nordic markets has been above expectations, which is why I’m excited to get involved in the development of an inspiring and highly marketable brand,” he commented. 

    “Choosing the right partners and people is instrumental for success and especially for overcoming those bumps on the road that always come around when building something new.”

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    Says Anders P. Christensen, founder and CEO of Tasteful Foods, the company behind GRÖNT: “We are in the process of establishing the office in Germany and expanding into Europe and Mats’ experience and sales insights will be invaluable. We are competitive and have a product, which fills a substantial gap in the market. We are a volume business, which makes it a natural choice to enter the largest markets.”



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