December 14, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Christmas Vegan meal boxes to ease your festive celebration stress

Cooking at Christmas can be stressful, and after all of the shopping, gift-giving and socialites, there’s not much time left to cook some hearty vegan goodness.

Thankfully for those of you who want help with the food side of Christmas, meal boxes exist. In this article, we’ve brought together four different options for you.

Tesco’s Finest Vegan Christmas Dinner

Tesco’s meal box serves two and includes a No Beef Wellington with vegetable mix, roast potatoes, roasted vegetables with thyme, vegan gravy, sage and onion stuffing balls, meat-free cocktail bangers and cranberry sauce. 

It also comes with 2 Christmas puddings with sultanas, cider and rum with brandy sauce. And a bottle of Champagne and two Christmas crackers.

Tesco’s Vegan Christmas diner for two is priced at £35 and available for collection or delivery between 22/12 and 23/12.

Gousto Vegan Christmas Dinner With All The Trimmings

Gousto is serving chicken styled bites for a ‘Perfect stand-in for Turkey’ this year. The box includes meat-free pieces, parsnips, potatoes, brussels sprouts and all of the relish and seasoning. 

The meal is set for two and takes 55 minutes to make. Gousto costs £24.99 for two meals, for two people and increases as you higher the quantity. 

Gousto Vegan Christmas Meal

Rudy’s Royal Christmas Meat Feast Box & Christmas Meat Feast Box

Rudy’s has the world’s first vegan butcher in London and two other diners too. This year the company are selling two Christmas box options. 

The first is the Christmas Meat Feast Box, including The Vegan Butcher famous Christmas turkey for 2, Extra crispy roasted potatoes, Charred sprouts with cranberries, bacon and herbs, Heritage carrots with warm spices, maple and thyme, 6 hours slow cooked cabbage with Bramley apples, raisins and vegan wine, Proper Yorkshire pudding and rich gravy. 

The second meal box is the Royal Christmas meat feast box, which includes all of the above plus sourdough, chestnuts, dried fruits, and mixed nuts stuffing, mixed greens with red onions, hazelnuts and oranges, Super creamy mash and Pigs in blanket.

The Christmas Meat Feast Box is £55, and the upgraded Royal version is £79.

Rudy's Vegan Christmas Meal

All plants Cranberry + Walnut Loaf & Mushroom + ‘Pancetta’ Filo Pie

Allplants are a recently popular ready meal company that fill your freezer with plant-based deliverable frozen meals.

They offer two possible centrepieces; Mushroom + ‘Pancetta’ Filo Pie And a Cranberry & Walnut Loaf.  Also included in the meal options are additions of parsnip & Brussels sprouts bake, Maple & Ginger roasted carrots, Crispy roast potatoes, creamy mash and a mushroom, walnut &leek stuffing. 

Allplants are £59.88 for two people and 12 servings. Available for delivery nationwide. 

Allplants vegan christmas meal

Are you having any of these box meals this Christmas?