June 24, 2018
From Vegan-News.com

Many people still believe that is impossible to get ripped on vegan diet or to built any kind of muscle if you are eating high carb low fat low protein diet. People get blinders on their eyes since we are born we are pumped with media stories about protein deficiency and other problems related to vegan diet but did anyone actually tried to do it and confirm those stories.

The answer is yes. The truth is out there somewhere, you just need to find it. So many people and professional athletes already use this method to win competitions around the world but it is kept as a secret.

High carb low fat and low protein diet is also know as 80 / 10 / 10 diet invented by Dr. Douglas Graham. This diet is one of the best ways to get ripped fast because your body will be constantly fueled by easy digestible foods. This will make your body full of energy very fast and it will give you lots of power and stamina. Lots of power means lots of movement and lots of movement will lead to losing body fat. Since you are already lets call it fat deficient in your diet your body wont have any other choice than to brake down its own body fat reserves.

Fruits are also best antioxidants and it will clean your body from toxins. The body which is clean will hold less water and less unnecessary water means more ripped physique.

Ok, but what about the protein than ? We need protein as well but body can brake down and utilize only certain amount of protein per day. Optimal levels for protein intake are only 10 % of our daily calorie intake. Everything above 10 % body will not be able to utilize and it will bring unnecessary acidity inside our system. Acid body will lose ripeness. We have to keep our body in alkaline state in order to stay in good health.

So how may calories should i be eating per day to get ripped.

This is depending on your goals and the your current body weight. You should have at least 2000 kcal per day in those days when you are resting. On training days you need to have at least 800 kcal more in order to lose fats but to grow muscles.

So how should i train then? In order to get ripped you should train at least five times per week. Body will recover fast on 80 / 10 / 10 diet and this will allow you to to train very hard and very often. Lots of training means instant changes in body fat ratio and this will get you ripped fast if you stick to 80 / 10 / 10 concept.

Source: Vegan-news.com