November 22, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

The long-awaited vegan festive bake from Greggs is available in stores now

Greggs has launched the vegan festive bake in stores today. It’s a replica of the meat bake and cost £1.60.

The bake is filled with Quorn  pieces, sage & onion stuffing, a vegan bacon crumb and a sage & cranberry sauce—all inside the classic vegan puff pastry.

Greggs vegan festive bake

Other vegan options on the menu are the vegan sausage rolls, quornham and ‘cheese’ baguette, glazed ring doughnut and the breakfast sausage roll.

‘It really is the true taste of Christmas – and now it’s vegan’ quotes the company.

We posted the news on Vegan Food UK Instagram where someone commented, ‘Had my alarm called “vegan festive bake” come up this morning to make sure it was high on my priority list’.

Others were concerned that there wasn’t enough cranberry saying, ‘Had one. Could do with some cranberry sauce’ whilst others were in the opposing view saying ‘Why must every Christmas themed food have cranberry sauce in it? 😩‘

Which side of the cranberry debate are you on?