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Groundbreaking Vegan Materials on Show in New PETA and H&M collection 

October 27, 2021
From Vegconomist

Groundbreaking Vegan Materials on Show in New PETA and H&M collection  – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • October 27, 2021


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    Global fashion brand has announced the launch of its first collection using alternatives to materials of animal origin approved by . The Co-Exist Story range marks the first time a fast-fashion label’s collection has been formally PETA-approved.

    “The future of fashion is stylish and animal-free”

    The new partnership will see a collection of fashion-forward womenswear, menswear, and kidswear for its Co-Exist Story. The collection features a number of innovative animal-free materials, including FLWRDWN – a cellulosic material created with natural wildflowers – featuring in puffer shoes and jackets, padded trousers, and reversible quilted shoulder bags. 

    PETA / H&M
    ©PETA / H&M

    Other materials include VEGEA – upcycled from grape skins, stalks, and seeds discarded during winemaking – and ECONYL® fiber – a regenerated nylon created from waste like fishing nets and fabric scraps. The collection also includes shoes and accessories, including a vegan makeup set and kids’ T-shirts that declare, “Speak Up for Animals!”

    PETA / H&M
    ©PETA / H&M

    “Geese are loyal mates for life, cows are steadfast friends, and sheep are playful and affectionate—they are not jackets, shoes, or sweaters,” states Corporate Responsibility Manager Laura Shields. “PETA is delighted to partner with H&M for a collection that shows shoppers from Stockholm to Shanghai that the future of fashion is stylish and animal-free.”

    The collection will be available at select stores worldwide as of November 4, as well as online. 

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