March 14, 2023
From Vegconomist

The Handtmann ConPro technology offers the possibility of producing varieties of cocktail sausages in alginate casing in a continuous co-extrusion process in an edible, vegan alginate casing.

Alginate is a long-chain carbohydrate, which is extracted from brown algae. Alginate gels can be produced across a wide range of temperatures and pH levels, they are insoluble in water, heat-stable and can therefore be blanched, smoked and dried. Handtmann ConPro technology offers the continuous production of a sausage strand coated with alginate gel using two vacuum filling machines connected via a co-extrusion head.

One vacuum filling machine pumps the filling product that the sausage strand is produced from, while the second feeds the alginate paste that subsequently forms the sausage casing. The Handtman ConPro system KLSH 153 model is used for the production of cut sausage products. The co-extruded sausage strand is cut into individual portions by means of a separating device.

© Handtmann

The ends of the products can either be cut straight or also be shaped during the cutting process by means of a forming cut, thus creating rounded sausage ends. Products with a diameter of 8 to 32 mm and a product length starting at 40 mm are possible with this system.

The system is available in two performance-level versions. The smaller entry-level model is suitable for producers who have just made the step into ConPro production. If more production capacity is required there is no need to buy a new system, production output can be increased via an upgrade. The KLSH 153 ConPro system has a modular design and can be enhanced in line with the specific requirements. They can be integrated into automation processes.

© Handtmann

High-performance option for cocktail products

Equipped with the multi-forming and separating unit, the KLSH 153 ConPro system turns into a high-performance line for cocktail products at up to 3,000 sausages per minute. In a continuous, endless production process, sausages in the calibre range of 13 to 28 mm and with portion lengths of 40 to 60 mm can be produced. Precisely separated and formed product ends are guaranteed, even at maximum production speed. The cocktail products can be transferred directly to freezer/frying tunnels.

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