October 21, 2021

At the National Institutes of Health (NIH), experimenter Elisabeth Murray carves out a section of a monkey’s skull then injects toxins into the brain or suctions out portions of it, causing permanent and traumatic damage. Then she torments the monkey with realistic-looking fake snakes and spiders. Monkeys in her laboratory (animals who are naturally afraid of snakes and spiders) freeze, turn away, shake their cages, or show signs of fear and submission. Her useless “monkey fright” experiments have been going on for 30 years, costing taxpayers over $50 million—without a single resulting treatment for human patients.

Help stop Elisabeth Murray’s worthless experiments with PETA’s bold, eye-catching  flyers.

nih monkey terror flyer

Fill out the form below and we’ll send you free flyers to distribute. Grab a friend, and post them on bulletin boards in public places such as libraries, cat and dog supply stores, supermarkets, laundromats, apartment buildings, cafés, and coffee shops. You can even hang the flyers on neighborhood light posts or leave them in waiting rooms to show others how they can help stop these terrifying and worthless experiments.

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Source: Peta.org