September 27, 2021
From Plant-Based News

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Global travel platform, Vegvisits is rivaling vacation giant Airbnb with a view to connecting vegan and vegetarian travelers.

The company, founded by two long-term vegans, has just relaunched a brand new site and is eyeing further expansion.

Vegvisits vs. Airbnb

The platform invites hosts around the globe to list rooms to entire homes, in a bid to make traveling easier for vegans and the ‘veg-curious’ alike.

It came after founders Linsey and Nicholas Minnella had difficulties finding food and ‘felt uncomfortable’ staying in hotels abroad.

‘We were desperate for that feeling of peace of mind’, Lindsay told PBN. Moreover, it wasn’t until the pair stayed at an Airbnb with a vegan host that they had the idea to create Vegvisits.

Since launching in 2016, the platform is available in over 80 countries. But following travel restrictions, Linsey says it ‘took a huge hit’.

However, now they’re ready to take the site to more countries and inform the ‘entire’ vegan and vegetarian community.

How Vegvisits works

The accommodation platform has so far accumulated over 1,000 listings, and is free of charge to use. 

And of those listings, hosts have to keep their homes meat and seafood free ‘at all times’ during a guest’s stay.

This is not only to avoid guests witnessing ‘the sights and smells of animal flesh’, but also to ‘bring a sense of peace amongst the unknown’, Linsey explains.

It also provides an opportunity for ‘valuable’ local advice from fellow vegans.

You can find out more about Vegvisits here