October 29, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Day 14 – Swot up on supplements

Think you know your vitamins A, B and C from your Vitamin D? It is recommended that all vegans supplement with both vitamin B12 (1000 mcg) and Vitamin D (1000 iu) every day to maintain optimum health.

These can be found in vegan varieties from health food shops or from the Vegan Society’s website – www.vegansociety.com/shop/supplements.

Day 15 – Buy in bulk

By now you should be getting to grips with the basic ingredients you need to cook with regularly.

Everything from pulses, lentils and wholegrains to nuts and seeds can be ordered online in bulk from reputable sellers offering the best price per kg.

I store nuts, seeds and legumes in glass jars – it saves space and makes for a unique kitchen display!

Day 16 – Embrace your culinary disasters!

The first few weeks of experimenting with vegan food and ingredients is likely to be a combination of delicious hits, and the…not so delightful misses. Don’t hang up that apron!

The first time I made tofu, I swore I’d never again. A few non-stick pans, recipe trial and errors and weeks later, my relationship with this delightfully versatile ingredient blossomed to become one of my everyday staple foods!

If at first you don’t succeed…bake it in the oven instead! Be sure to check out our handy guide to marinating tofu too.

Day 17 – Become a vegan athlete

There’s never been a better time to get into shape and fulfil sporting ambitions.

Being vegan, cholesterol levels will drop (plant-based foods contain no cholesterol), circulation improves and you may even see a few extra lbs naturally falling off.

Take the opportunity of starting a fresh lifestyle to take up a new sporting hobby, whether it’s becoming a gym bunny or casual cyclist.

Day 18 – Slip up? No problem!

The first time I became vegetarian, the very next day I found myself instinctively ordering a chicken dish at a restaurant!

Being vegan takes some getting used to, and if you make a mistake or accidentally consume an animal product, don’t give up.

Learn from where you went wrong, try not to dwell on your experience, and simply move on.

Source: Veganfoodandliving.com