June 26, 2023

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It’s a tremendous victory for 100,000 monkeys! PETA is grateful to Sri Lanka’s government for nixing a plan to export 100,000 monkeys to China and for recognizing that they aren’t commodities to be bought and sold.

toque macaque male on tree branch

The move comes after PETA wrote to Sri Lankan officials, urging them to cancel the sale of the monkeys, who would likely have ended up in laboratories where they would have been tormented and killed.

“These monkeys do not belong in captivity. It is almost certain that, once in China, they would be funneled into biomedical experiments and dead within months.”

—Dr. Lisa Jones-Engel
PETA Senior Science Advisor

As Sri Lankan animal groups—including the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka—and primate experts showed, these macaques are individuals with families who live in tight-knit communities.

female and baby toque macaque

Their lives matter, and so does their contribution to their forest home.

Officials have done the right thing.

What You Can Do

Tell the CDC to permanently ban all monkey importation to the U.S.

Source: Peta.org