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Hummii Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Healthy Mini Muffins With Upcycled Ingredients

October 12, 2021
From Vegconomist

Hummii Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Healthy Mini Muffins With Upcycled Ingredients – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • October 12, 2021


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    is a healthy vegan snack brand from the US with a focus on sustainability. The company has recently launched a for its mini muffins, which aim to take on existing products that are similar but less healthy.

    The chickpea-based muffins were developed in collaboration with Michelin-starred pastry chef Bethany Costello and various top food scientists. They are free of gluten and the eight most common food allergens, as well as being low in sugar and high in plant-based protein.

    But the most notable thing about the muffins is that they are made with highly sustainable ingredients. Hummii uses Outcast Foods’ upcycled fruit powders to flavour its products, and it has also partnered with Nutriati Artesa to source ultra-sustainable chickpea protein and flour. These chickpea products are made using a waterless process, which saves 20 gallons of water per kilogram of protein isolate.

    Hummii mini muffins
    © Hummii

    Last year, Whole Foods predicted that both chickpeas and upcycled foods , and its predictions have been borne out. Companies have developed chickpea-based , , and , along with plant-based foods and .

    “At Hummii, we truly want to incorporate a sustainable mindset from the ground up with our product development process,” said Tyler Phillips, Founder and Chief Edible Officer. “We are always analyzing what “waste products” can be converted into usable ingredients either with our own production process or that of like-minded brands. We have really been inspired to grow into a leader for this Upcycled movement.”

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