December 16, 2021
From Vegan Life

While Christmas is usually the most wonderful time of the year, after months of lockdowns and social distancing this Christmas will inevitably be different.

Figures from packaging company GWP Group show that an additional 30 per cent of rubbish is produced and discarded throughout the festive period, compared with the rest of the year. This amounts to in the region of three million tonnes of additional waste, which is made up of:

  • 54 million platefuls of food
  • 500 tonnes of Christmas lights
  • 8 million Christmas trees
  • 108 rolls of wrapping paper
  • £42 million of unwanted Christmas presents
  • 100 million black bags full of packaging from toys and gifts.

In just over three days of festivities, the average Brit will create the same level of carbon emissions as they would on a flight from London, UK, to Los Angeles, US. This figure is predicted to increase this year, as many of us will want to make Christmas 2020 bigger and better than ever to offset the uncertain times many of us have experienced.

The good news is there that with a little know-how you host an eco-friendly Christmas without skimping on the festive magic. If you need any extra incentive, sustainable festive choices don’t just benefit the environment – they could also save you money. And in a year when family and friends have been so important, it could make the holiday season more memorable and meaningful, too. Here are easy things you can do to help encourage positive change and have a more sustainable Christmas this year: