November 15, 2021

Desmond is a gorgeous, snow-white cat with piercing blue eyes.

PETA rescued ca Desmond at PETA headquarters

Unfortunately, his beauty comes at a high price: Like many blue-eyed white cats, he has a genetic mutation that caused him to be born deaf.

Adoptable PETA rescued cat Desmond

But Desmond’s former owner had an even worse disability: She was seemingly blind to the tremendous suffering that Desmond and 15 other cats, dogs, reptiles, and other animals were enduring from being confined to filthy cages (or, as she euphemistically called it, “crate-trained”) in her home.

When PETA fieldworkers visited the Virginia residence, they found Desmond in terrible shape. The 3-year-old cat should have been scampering up carpeted cat trees, batting around catnip toys, and napping on sunny windowsills. Instead, he was confined for most of the day to a fetid crate that was littered with his own waste and crawling with roaches.

His beautiful white fur was stained yellow and brown from being forced to lie in urine and feces for hours on end. He had been confined for so long that his muscles had actually started to waste away.

PETA’s fieldworkers carefully documented the abominable conditions in which Desmond and the other animals were living and submitted their evidence to the local animal control agency, which promptly seized all the animals and prepared to file cruelty charges against the woman.

Adoptable deaf cat Desmond lying on his side

Painfully thin from lack of adequate nourishment, Desmond wolfed down the food offered to him at the Sam Simon Center—PETA’s Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters.

Ever since his rescue, he has revealed hidden talents, including a passion for “singing.” Like another talented deaf musician, Desmond hasn’t let his disability prevent him from composing beautiful music, which he performs for his appreciative foster family.

PETA rescued ca Desmond at PETA headquarters

This feline singer-songwriter doesn’t need a barstool or a microphone. All he wants is a permanent residency at a venue where he’ll be able to sing his unchained melodies outside the bars of a cage.

Help give Desmond a reason to sing an ode to joy by composing an e-mail and sending it to [email protected].

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