November 26, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Retailer Harrods has been found to lie about the treatment of foxes in fur farms

Humane Society International/UK Have investigated three furs farms that provide fur to brands sold by Harrods.

Fur farms in Finland were found to be exploiting Foxes. Whilst undercover, the Humane society witnessed the animals in small cages with ‘deformed feet, diseased eyes, missing ears and obesity.’

These are the same farms certified by ‘the highest level of animal welfare’ assurance scheme SAGA furs. 

Dr Marc Abraham, a Vet who joined the investigation, said, ‘It must be mental torture being denied the freedom to run and exercise in their natural woodland environment that they can clearly view surrounding their cages, which their instincts are telling them to explore 24/7’

Harrods turning a blind eye 

Representatives from Harrods have been filmed saying that the foxes ‘don’t suffer’, despite the uncovered information.

They even went on to say how the Foxes are treated ‘exactly like Battersea cats and dogs’ 

From the undercover investigation to Harrods staff, something doesn’t add up.

How do these cruel conditions sit with you?