May 11, 2023
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Is oat milk good for you? If this is a question that disturbs you continuously for being a vegan. And you must be facing some vegan stereotypes for your diet and have doubts whether you can completely depend on this milk or not? Then you are exactly at the correct destination. This guide will help you with your vegan healthy diet.

Well, today, oat milk is one of the most sought-after dairy milk alternatives consumed across the globe. Sumptuous, sustainable, and ethical, this favored item is a plant-based alternative that is free of gluten. This healthy option is made by soaking and blending oats, and water along with salt. It might contain other ingredients, such as sunflower or rapeseed oil for enhancing its creaminess, and vitamins or minerals for extra nutritional value.

Is oat milk healthy

This popular drink has a mild and sweet taste which makes it an ideal addition to coffee, smoothies, cereals, or tea. They also do wonders when used for baking purposes. But before we delve into that, let’s backpedal in time and plunge into the history of this natural milk variant!

A Chunk of History

The non-dairy beverage traces its origin back to the 1990s when a Swedish food scientist named Richard Oste developed this plant-based milk while researching on sustainable food production and lactose intolerance.

history of oatmilk
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In subsequent years, oat milk became an essential part of the Oatly founded by Oste in 1985. Since that time there’s no looking back for this drink. Today, the popularity of the milk variant has increased manifold, leading to it being used as a major substitute for cow milk across the world.

Oat Milk Nutrition Value

This beneficial item is a rich source of numerous essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber needed by us. In other words, they are a storehouse of various nutrients required by the body.

Mentioned below is a nutritional chart of one cup of unsweetened oat milk (along with RDI- Reference Daily Intake) to make its benefits more evident:

  • Protein- 3 grams
  • Calorie- 120
  • Carbs- 16 grams
  • Fat- 5 grams
  • Dietary Fiber- 2 grams
  • Vitamin B12- 50%
  • Calcium- 27% RDI
  • Phosphorus- 22% RDI
  • Riboflavin- 46% RDI
  • Vitamin A- 18% RDI
  • Vitamin D- 18% RDI
  • Potassium- 6% RDI
  • Iron- 2% RDI

Though this humble drink is extremely nutritious, much of the oat milk nutrition is lost as it is prepared by blending oats with filtered water and straining the residual pulp. However, whatever is left is still enough to give enormous health benefits of oat milk to all.

Is Oat Milk Good for You?

Does it contain enough benefits to make it a part of everyday routine? Is oat milk healthy and a good substitute for dairy? If you are worried and these questions are revolving in your head then go through with the points mentioned below:

oat milk is healthy
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This non-dairy beverage is blessed with multiple benefits. Mentioned below are some of the most common health advantages of consuming this vegan milk variant on a regular basis:-

#1) Helps in Fighting Diabetes

The plant-based drink contains a bioactive dietary peptide that helps in improving insulin secretion and digestion of glucose in the body. As such, several studies have shown that a balanced intake of this beverage can lead to faster insulin and blood sugar level concentration. It contains beta-glucans that further help in digestion and lowering sugar levels, thereby fighting off diabetes, especially type two diabetes in a better way.

#2) Aids in Regulating Blood Pressure

It has been pointed out that the consumption of oat milk may aid in regulating blood pressure, thus leading to better heart health. Elements such as beta-glucans, globulin peptides, and dietary fibers present in this milk assist in reducing hypertension, abnormal blood pressure, or symptoms of heart disease.

#3) Cancer Prevention

Amongst several benefits of oat milk, its property that might prevent cancer is far from the most intriguing aspect of the beneficial milk variant. The mentioned item contains avenanthramide, which is believed to be one of the most apt cancer-fighting agents. Research reflects that such properties lead to protection against breast, ovarian, colon, and prostate cancer in the body.

#4) A Boon for Skin

The plant-based beverage is loaded with antioxidants and B vitamins such as riboflavin (B2), and vitamin B12 that are good for skin. Now, these antioxidants not only provide health benefits but also are a great option for clear, glowing skin. The properties found in this milk help protect the skin from UV radiation, pollution, and everyday wear and tear. It aids in healing itchiness and dryness and even hydrates and cleanses the skin. The intake of oat milk has a visible impact on troublesome acne that otherwise does not go easily.

#5) Better Bone Health

Blessed with calcium and vitamin D, oat milk leads to better bone health. It also contains vitamin B12, potassium, and magnesium, which are other bone-boosting minerals required by the body. As such, a cup of this milk contains about 350 mg of calcium that is needed by the human body daily.

From helping to make the bone strong and healthy, to assisting in avoiding osteoporosis that occurs with age, the plant-based milk variant has a lot more to offer to mankind. .

#6) Improving Immunity

When you suddenly feel knocked down by the harsh weather, know that your immune system is being attacked by infections. In such situations, get a hold of this non-dairy, vegan milk variety that is known to ward off illnesses. It is because they are a good source of Vitamin D and Vitamin A which help in boosting immunity. Studies show that Vitamin D has a direct link to immune cell function, the deficiency of which can lead to autoimmune diseases. Likewise, Vitamin A can help in fighting off certain types of illnesses by improving the immune response.

#7) Lowers Cholesterol

One of the oat milk benefits is that it helps in keeping cholesterol levels in check. It happens because this vegan milk contains a soluble fiber called beta-glucan that has properties which helps in lowering cholesterol levels in the body. As such, it is advisable to consume 750 ml of this milk in a day as a part of balanced diet.

#8) Prevents Anemia

It has been found that a cup of this beneficial milk contains about 10% of the iron that is needed by the human body in a day. Including oat-based milk in everyday diet thus helps in combating anemia and fatigue.

#9) Reduces the Risk of Hypoxia

Hypoxia refers to a situation when the body tissues do not get enough oxygen. As such, bioactive peptides like oligopeptides present in oat milk help fight off this condition and might lead to an increase in hemoglobin levels. The hemoglobin found in red blood cells carries oxygen and transfers it to the tissue, thereby reducing the risk of hypoxia.

#10) Promotes Weight Loss

There are innumerable benefits of oat milk, but one that surely catches the eye is its ability to promote weight loss. As obesity is becoming a major problem in today’s world due to poor lifestyle and eating habits, this beneficial item can become a boon for the ones who suffer from those extra pounds that are hard to shed. The non-dairy milk possesses protein and fiber that keeps the stomach full for a long time, giving a sense of satiety, thus promoting weight loss.

As such, there are several health benefits of the humble item that makes oatmeal milk good for you and your loved ones.

So just include this superfood in your diet and get going with the ripples of health benefits that come with it!

Oat Milk vs Cow Milk

Over the years, oat milk has garnered a lot of attention and has increasingly given stiff competition to cow milk. Since cow milk contains lactose, it cannot be consumed by those who have difficulty digesting this element. However, the absence of lactose in the former makes it a preferred and better option for millions across the globe.

difference between oatmilk and cow milk
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Also, the nutritional advantage of containing less saturated fat than cow milk has further added to the popularity of this plant-based item. They have fewer carbon emissions than cow milk and are a suitable option for sustainable life on Earth.

Oat Milk vs Almond Milk

differences between oat milk and almond milk
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Both oats and almond milk are plant-based drinks that can be a great addition to one’s diet as they contain protein, healthy fats, and fiber. However, if the environmental impacts are compared, almond milk needs more than seven times the water needed by the former.

In other words, if we consider the sustainability aspect, oat milk steals the show.

Oat Milk vs Other Milks – Environmental Impact

Oat milk has a more visible nutritional edge than other milk varieties and its environmental impacts are less too. Let’s have a look at the mentioned aspect that each of these alternatives have over environment.

Water use (liters) Greenhouse gas emissions (kg CO2 or equivalent) Water use (litres) Land use (square meters)
Cow’s Milk 3.0 628 9.0
Oat Milk 0.9 48 0.8
Almond Milk 0.7 371 0.5

Oat milk invariably requires less water than its counterparts, leading to sustainability and better environmental care in the long run.

Ways to Consume Oat Milk

While this plant-based item is self-sufficient in itself and can be consumed alone, its mild flavor and creamy texture make it a blank canvas that goes well with numerous recipes.

Mentioned below are certain ways in which this milk can be consumed alone or along with other options:

#1) As a Dairy Substitute

oatmilk as dairy substitutes
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The classic milk variant can be easily swapped for dairy items. Its creamy and delectable flavor is sure to knock you off your senses as any cow’s milk would do. From preparing homemade chocolate oat milk to using it as a coffee creamer, there exist numerous possibilities of this item.

#2) In Baked Goods

oatmilk in muffins
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This multi-purpose milk works great in baked goods. One can use them in muffins, cakes, puddings, or sweet bread. For these items, the flavor of oats adds up to taste, giving a palatable journey without much ado.

#3) Creamy Soups

oatmilk in creamy soups
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The non-dairy milk can be used instead of heavy cream as its texture is thick and creamy that goes well, especially with butternut, broccoli, and tomato soups.

#4) Smoothies

oatmilk smoothies
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Giving a rich, creamy boost to smoothies and even protein shakes, oat milk can be used in these and several other similar beverages for a creamier experience.

#5) Hot Beverages

oatmilk in hot beverages
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Due to its subtle flavor, oat-based milk can be used in hot drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes. Its exotic and rich taste, along with its foaming properties, makes plant-based milk a good option for making fresh espresso and syrups of various types, including baristas as it does not separate while preparing coffee beverages.

What are the Main Oat Milk Brands?

Although there are several brands that produce oat milk, some of the most popular and recognized ones across the globe.

So, when you think of buying oat milk next time, try and find any one of these from the grocery aisle:

#1) Malk

Producing premium plant-based milk, Malk is a renowned oat milk brand in the present time. Simple and high quality, their oat milk products are sure to add to your taste buds in a whole new way.

#2) Oatly

The original oat milk brand, Oatly stands out from the crowd. Offering several varieties, they have invaded the oat milk sector with their classical, barista and organic versions.

#3) Chobani

Producing rich and creamy oat-milk, Chobani is yet another brand that you can go for while buying oat milk. Organic and gluten-free, Chobani’s Oat Barista Edition is one of your best bets.

#4) Planet Oat

Free from dairy, gluten, soy and peanuts, Planet Oat is a famous vegan oat milk brand that is present across the globe. Delectable and sumptuous, their oatmeal milk goes well with coffee and cereals.

#5) Elmhurst

Elmhurst is into producing plant-based, dairy-free oat milk production that is a good option for vegans out there. Made from whole oats instead of oat flour, this is a healthy option for all.

#6) Califia Farms

Califia Farms is a popular brand that produces dairy-free oat milk products. These are a good addition to coffee, espresso drinks and matcha tea lattes.

#7) Oatsome

Oatsome Oat milk is one of its kinds. The brand produces natural and organic oats that are good for health.

#8) Silk

Free of dairy and gluten, the company offers Silk Oat milk that serves as a good option for vegans around the world. This unsweetened variety is chock full of nutrition required by the body.

The Downside of Oat Milk

Just a heads up, if you are allergic to oats or have celiac disease, avoid consuming oat milk. Apart from that, there exists no downside to this beneficial item.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1) What is oat milk?

Answer: Oat milk is a plant-based milk that is extracted from whole oat grains, which is done by extracting the plant element from water.

#2) Is Oat Milk Good for You?

Answer: Yes, oat milk is a good addition to one’s diet since it has essential nutrients and vitamins that keep illnesses at bay.

#3) Is oat milk healthier than regular milk?

Answer: Yes, oat milk is healthier than regular milk. This is because they contain many nutrients that regular milk does not possess. From helping in lowering cholesterol levels to being a good option for type 2 diabetes, oat milk is indeed healthier than its counterparts.

#4) Is oat milk vegan in its entirety?

Answer: Since oat milk is completely devoid of animal products and animal labor; it is vegan in its entirety and can be consumed by the vegan community without a second thought.

#5) Can oat milk be frozen?

Answer: Yes, one can freeze oat milk, and it can stay intact for about six months. However, when it is thawed, it can have a grainy texture. To avoid this, one can thaw it in the fridge and shake the container nicely before using it.

#6) Can oat milk be drunk daily?

Answer: Oat milk has several nutritional elements that are extremely good for maintaining heart health. As such, it is completely fine to consume oat milk daily as it is easy to digest and is a low-sugar drink.

#7) How does oat milk taste?

Answer: The oat milk is similar to cow’s milk in taste but is slightly sweeter. It does not have the essence and taste of other cereal milk.

#8) Why is oat milk more popular than its counterparts?

Answer: Oat milk nutrition possesses lower levels of fat quotient in comparison to other dairy variants which makes it a healthy option for consumption. Also, its higher amount of protein, highest fiber content, and affordability further make it desirable among people.

#9) Is oat milk gluten-free?

Answer: Ideally, oat milk is gluten-free. However, cross-contamination that occurs during production might hinder its purity. As such, those with conditions such as celiac disease or gluten sensitivity must be careful and purchase oat milk that shows a certified gluten-free mark.

#10) Can oat milk be digested easily?

Answer: Yes, oat milk is one of the easy-to-digest superfoods that are light on the stomach. A healthy, fibrous, and low-sugar drink, this beverage has nothing in it that can make digestion a hard task for the body.

#11) Is oat milk good for cholesterol?

Answer: Yes, oat milk is good for lowering cholesterol as it contains beta glucans, which help maintain normal cholesterol levels in the body.

#12) Is oat milk good for weight loss?

Answer: Yes. Since oat milk contains high levels of fiber and protein, it promotes satiety. It keeps the stomach full for a long time, thereby boosting weight loss.

Takeaway (Final Thoughts)

So after so much discussion what’s the answer to our main question – Is oat milk good for you or Is oat milk healthy?

Today, oat milk has increasingly been taking over the world with its charm and exoticism. From dethroning almonds and soy milk in the market to working as a great substitute for cow’s milk, this prized good has several stars added to its badge.

Apart from this, it even has innumerable health benefits that if reaped properly can lead to a better and healthy life. However, there are also some downsides to it that need to be kept in mind while purchasing.

So, now when you know the oat milk benefits and side effects, its qualities and more, what are you waiting for? You can also combine it with vegan bread for your breakfast.

Gear up and bring this healthy item home today!