November 17, 2021
From Plant-Based News

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Israeli start-up Redefine Meat is expanding into Europe as interest in new plant-based technologies soars. According to reports, the company plans to reach thousands of restaurants by the end of next year with its 3D-printed vegan meat products.

Announced this week, the company has expanded operations in Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK, Reuters reports.

Israel’s Redefine Meat

Here, whole cuts of alternative meat will be available by the end of next year. And that’s because they’re a “money-maker,” and “the reason we have meat,” CEO Eshchar Ben-Shitrit told the outlet.

He added: “We’re scaling up the capacity. Every batch that we make is five times larger than the previous batch. So we’re changing … the machines, the flow and we’re also changing the product attributes.”

3D-printed meat

Redefine Meat is best known for its 3D-printed vegan steaks and burgers that culminate layers of plant-based ingredients from soy, coconut, and barley.

Each product allows “vegans and meat lovers to enjoy great meat-eating experiences without compromising on taste, health, and sustainability,” the company claims.

Since rolling out in 150 restaurants across Israel, the plan is to reach more customers around the world. 

Further into the future, production facilities across Israel, Europe, Asia, and the US are also on the cards.

You can find out more about Redefine Meat here