January 20, 2022
From Vegan Life

New plant-based brand The Mighty Kitchen want to prove that we can ensure food security without sacrificing on taste, by producing sustainable vegan alternatives to meat. The Mighty Kitchen takes this a step further, revolutionising the plant-based industry by using its own IP protected technology to make delicious and fibrous vegan ‘chicken’ and other ‘meat’ products and ingredients.

The Cyprus-based company grew during the pandemic in a part of the world not yet well known for its strength in the alternative protein space, but soon could be, as The Mighty Kitchen’s plant-powered poultry range of alternative chicken products hits shelves on multiple continents.

In a statement sent to Vegan Life, CEO and co-founder, George Vou said: “We are first and foremost a food company. Meals should be an experience. Our goal is to transport you with every bite, to that BBQ in the backyard or just standing next to grandma’s stove, with all those rich scents and aromas floating on the air. The technology side of the business just helps us to do this at scale. People want options, we’re here to make sure they get great ones.”

CTO and co-founder, Louiza Sophocleous added: “Our development team comprises scientists who are foodies. Our mission is to use our collective expertise to improve our entire faulty food system with flavourful, healthy, plant-based options.”

The team at The Mighty Kitchen also leverages a proprietary fats platform to solve multiple functional challenges in meat alternatives. This unique approach allows for a juicier, full-flavoured product with balanced fat dispersion and more efficient nutrient delivery.

Source: Veganlifemag.com