October 30, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

The spooky season is upon us and M&S have not disappointed with their vegan selection

One thing that Marks & Spencers are always good at is bringing out great seasonal products, whether it’s Christmas, Easter or Valentines Day… and we just love that Halloween is no exception.

The options they have this year in their Halloween Squeal deal are:

Boo-Bao Buns

4 Buns with Ghastly Icky Sticky Sweet & Sour Filling

These fluffy buns were really delicious and the sweet and sour vegetable filling really hits the spot.

Here’s a short video of the spooktacular buns themselves:

The other vegan options were also pretty FANG-tastic! Here’s what they are:

Ghouliflower Popcorn

Battered Crispy Cauliflower with Sticky BBQ Sauce

These were really tasty and make the perfect addition to a a spooky Halloween feast, whether it’s just you or you’re having a get-together, we highly recommend these.

Wiggly Worm Churros

12 Dangerously Delicious Churros with Cinnamon Sugar Sprinkle

These are perfect for a sweet snack or a chocolatey treat, and the cinnamon sugar that comes with it too is a yummy addition.

Petrifying Popping Candy Jelly Brain

Apple Flavour Jelly Zombie Brain with a Gruesome Raspberry Drizzle and Popping Candy Sprinkle

This surprised us with how tasty it was and the popping candy just kept on popping and crackling. The ‘brain’ shape didn’t go either and it stayed looking truly gross, yet delicious. The raspberry coulis helped with it looking so ‘brain-like’.

All in all these are awesome Halloween goodies. We cannot wait to see what they bring out next Halloween, as vegan products are only going to be more accessible and better as time goes on.

Check out our short video of us trying the above 3 products here:

Next stop Christmas 2021 and all the awesome products that UK supermarkets are bringing out. From what we’ve seen of the launching products so far, it’s going to be a great Vegan Christmas for us all.

What Halloween products have wowed you that you’ve tried this year and what are you looking forward to trying around Christmas time?

Source: Veganfooduk.co.uk