January 19, 2023
From Vegconomist

Just Eat, a food delivery platform operating in more than 20 countries, has joined Veganuary 2023 by adding a new section for veggie options to its app to promote and increase vegetable consumption during January.

Spanish consumers practicing Veganuary

Just Eat conducted a survey with IPSOS Digital to provide data on Spanish consumers’ attitudes toward following a plant-based diet, revealing that 12% of Spanish consumers were practicing Veganuary. The study also showed that 17% of Spanish consumers have already reduced their meat intake in their regular diet.

just eat banner
© Just Eat

Furthermore, according to the study, the main reasons for eating vegan or vegetarian food among the respondents were: taste (38%), health (36%), and sustainability (26%). 

“This shows that the prejudice towards this type of food is decreasing and clearly reflects the global trend towards more sustainable food,” says Just Eat.

Choices that benefit human health and the environment

Another Just Eat’s delivery trends report, Gastrómetro 2022, concludes that society is increasingly concerned with choices that benefit both human health and the environment. 

The report also shows that 47% of respondents would pay more for their food delivery orders to be sustainable, that 60% would change their platform for one that guarantees environmentally friendly service, and that 28% of Spanish consumers have increased their intake of vegan and vegetarian options in recent years.

vegan hot dog
© Vrutal

Veganuary offering at Just Eat’s Platform

Among the vegan and plant-based restaurants offering options for this Veganuary on Just Eat’s platform are the following:

In Madrid: La Encomienda Vegana, a homemade vegan food restaurant, or Barganzo, a Kosher restaurant specializing in chickpeas. 

In Barcelona: La Trocadero, a vegan restaurant specializing in different types of cuisine, and Vrutal with its burgers, hot dogs, and creative vegan starters.

In Valencia: Bam Bum, offers vegan and Japanese food. 

In Sevilla: Vegan Rock Sevilla specialises in vegan tapas.

Additionally, some restaurants that are not specifically vegan or vegetarian but have introduced vegan options in their regular menus for Veganuary, among others, are the following:  

  • Miss Sushi: Kale gyozas, vegetable yakisoba or Japobravas
  • Empanadas Malvón: Empanadillas plant-based de picadillo
  • Telepizza: Veggie pizzas 
  • Pomodoro: Ravioli of fine herbs
  • Healthy Sandwich: Vegan lover sandwich 
  • Miss Poke: Vegetable poke offering

“The purpose of Veganuary, and also of Just Eat, is to guide and educate people about the possibility of assuming a diet based on a higher consumption of vegetables and less meat, and to disprove some myths and unfounded beliefs around plant-based meals,” commented Just Eat.

Source: Vegconomist.com