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LA’s The Pizza Plant to Open 20,000 Square Foot Facility, Will Hire Over 100 New Employees

November 2, 2021
From Vegconomist

LA’s The Pizza Plant to Open 20,000 Square Foot Facility, Will Hire Over 100 New Employees – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • November 2, 2021


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    , a wholly-owned subsidiary of Plant Craft Foods, just announced the acquisition of a 20,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Sylmar, CA. The new manufacturing facility is aimed at scaling up the company’s organic vegan pizza production, as well as helping other plant-based businesses to keep up with the demand.

    According to the company, the USDA Organic-certified plant will significantly increase production capacity oin order to expand its current line of gluten-free, frozen organic pizzas to , Gelson’s Market, Mother’s Market and other premier grocery retailers nationwide. The facility will also be used to develop and scale other proprietary products such as The Pizza Plant’s plant-based pepperoni, sausage crumble, and cashew mozzarella.

    The Pizza Plant
    ©The Pizza Plant

    The additional manufacturing capacity enables The Pizza Plant to co-manufacture other plant-based brands in the US and will create over 100 new jobs. The Pizza Plant is known for generating and leveraging plant-based infrastructure locally, as in May 2020, the company across LA. Therefore, the company is now looking for other plant-based brands in the local area that seek to scale their production.

    Given the expanded production capabilities of their new manufacturing facility, The Pizza Plant will be available in over 500 premier grocers by the end of 2022 in addition to expanding its foodservice presence.

    ©The Pizza Plant

    Speaking on the new manufacturing facility, CEO Marvin V. Acuna, stated, “I am proud to know that Plant Craft Foods, Inc. is now positioned to ensure that The Pizza Plant will be ready for its nationwide expansion, which will enable us to fulfil our mission to make the world better one pizza at a time. Additionally, it will permit us to develop brand extensions such as our scratch-made pepperoni and sausage crumble as well as develop other proprietary and private label brands.

    “Finally, it allows us to consider other plant-based brands that have a market demand and need the right partner to manufacture for them so they may scale their business.  By example, we now manufacture vegan chicken wings for the wildly popular brand, Clean South, which is available in 25+ retailers and is expanding into foodservice.”

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