August 18, 2021
From The Vegan Kind

Meet the coolest kitchen gadgets in TheVeganKind Supermarket.

If you’re new to the world of cooking make sure you prepare your meals without stress. These colourful small appliances will make things easier and more fun.

 Once you use them you won’t know how you lived without them!

    1. 3-1 avocado server!

    Perfect tool for one of the vegan breakfast dishes – toast with avocado, salads and guacamole. Complete tool to easily open, slice the avocado. 

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    2. Stretch pods

    Don’t know what to do with your veggie leftovers? These colourful storage pods will make your vegan ingredients last longer and protect them from contaminating odours in the fridge. We have onion stretch pod (orange), tomato stretch pod (red) and avocado stretch pod (green) – of course you can also use them for other 

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    3. Double Sided Cheese and Vegetable Grater

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    4. Garlic press

    This is a must have in every kitchen! So many of the vegan recipes include garlic! This little tool will help you press garlic with ease and no fuss. 

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    5. Silicone baking cups

    These cute colourful cups are perfect for vegan baking. Whether you make savoury vegan pies or sweet vegan muffins these little guys will be the perfect dishes.

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    6. Carrot snack box

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      Fun, carrot shaped snack box container with two sections: one for veg, and one for your plant-based dip of choice. Perfect for school lunches, picnics, work, or any kind of travel!