December 9, 2021
From Plant-Based News

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McCain Foods has signed a monumental $55 million investment package into a plant-based brand to assist in its evolution.

The global company is well-known for its frozen potato products – and is widely understood to be the world’s biggest manufacturer of the sort.

Soon, it too will be known for helping Irish start-up Strong Roots establish itself on the plant-based scene.

McCain Foods injects millions into Irish start-up

Amid the deal, Strong Roots will continue to operate independently.

It offers a range of healthy frozen goods, from burgers featuring kale, quinoa, and beet, as well as Sweet Potato Hash Browns, Spinach Bites, and Mixed Root Vegetable Fries.

Founded in 2015, the company soon eyed global domination and opened a Manhattan office early last year.

Within the deal with McCain’s, it will have access to the supply chain and worldwide distribution networks, Forbes reports. And in exchange, received a stake in the company though the exact is “undisclosed,” the news outlet adds.

The company joins dairy alternative firm The Simple Root and vegan chicken brand Simulate in McCain‘s portfolio.

CEO and president Max Koeune said the partnership will help the company “meet changing consumer demands in a sustainable way.”

You can view Strong Roots’ full range of products via its website here