November 11, 2021
From Plant-Based News

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Fast-food giant McDonald’s is finally supplying plant-milk goods to its customers in Australia. It recently announced that oat milk “has landed” in the country.

Now, McDonald’s visitors can add the plant milk to any McCafé coffee bought in the chain.

McDonald’s adds oat milk to vegan offerings

The new vegan oat milk option is made by Australia-based MILKLAB. The company claims to offer a “high performance” product that is both creamy and delicious.

And, it’s made with 100 percent Australian oats. Upon announcing the news on social media, the reaction was mixed.

One user wrote on Instagram: “Might start visiting there again if they have MILKLAB.”

Whilst another said: “Questionable for such a solid specialty product.”

However, McDonald’s Australia revealed it’s only available at “participating restaurants.” Moreover, it’s only on offer for an additional fee.

McDonald’s under fire

McDonald’s is yet to confirm when oat milk will be rolled out in the UK, however.

And, the launch comes just a month after the US chain was criticized regarding the release of its first-ever vegan burger.

And that’s because, for customers in the US, the McPlant comes with dairy cheese and non-vegan mayo.

Thus, it’s up to customers to veganize it themselves amid “operational tests” on the popularity of the item.