June 29, 2018
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The most important ingredient in milk thistle is silymarin. Other names for milk thistle are Mary thistle or some even call it holy thistle. People mainly use it in order to treat poor liver health, poor digestion and some claim that this herb can lower cholesterol and help you with a lot with type 2 diabetes.

This article will explore many potential milk thistle benefits and it will show you how you might fix your health with proper use of this herb.

In what form it comes ?

You can find Milk thistle in a wide range of forms, but it is most popular as a tincture, capsules or tea.

Milk thistle is flower part of plant which comes from the same family of plants as the daisy plant. This herb is growing in Mediterranean countries and is used very common to make natural remedies and cures.

Different parts of the herb are used to treat different health problems and conditions, but the most common use of this herb is to treat liver problems. Many people claim it can also help you treat:

  • cirrhosis
  • poor digestion
  • jaundice
  • gallbladder problems
  • hepatitis
  • low energy problems

Other health benefits are: protecting heart by lowering cholesterol and it can also be great help for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

11 health benefits of milk thistle herb

1. It will support your liver health

One of the best and most common uses of milk thistle is that it can be used to treat liver problems and conditions. One study from 2016 found that using milk thistle for a while can improve diet-induced liver damages in mice.

The best ingredient in milk thistle, silymarin, acts good for liver because it have antioxidant properties . Scientists believe that sylimarin creates a detoxifying effect on our body and this effect will reduce the toxin stress on our liver.

2. Promotes good digestion

Liver enzymes are essential for good digestion but what happens to our body when our liver stops producing enough enzymes ?

The answer is very simple. Our general health will start to deteriorate and our boy will get inflamed due the lack of essential nutrients and big toxicity of the body. Toxicity will accumulate inside intestines due kidney overloading with unbroken foods.

Silymarin from the milk thistle will promote enzyme production in the liver. More enzymes means better digestion and better digestion means healthier body.

3. Keeps your skin on healthy

Silymarin may also help you to get healthy skin as well. Milk thistle and it’s active ingredient silymarin will also help to improve many inflammatory skin problems when it is applied to the skin of mices.

Milk thistle also have anti-aging and antioxidant effect on human skin. This is tested in a laboratory environment in another study about milk thistle.

4. Reduces bed cholesterol levels

If your cholesterol is on high levels it might lead to problems with your heart and it could increase a person’s chance of having a stroke.

Milk thistle may play very important roles in keeping your bad cholesterol on low levels .

This herb also might help you to fix your bad cholesterol levels . The group of people who were taking milk thistle capsules to treat diabetes had significant improvements than those who were taking a placebo tablets.

5. It might help you to lose weight

Silymarin caused serious weight loss in mice. Those mice were fed with a diet which is intended to cause them to gain weight.This is suggesting that milk thistle  and it’s active ingredient silymarin will be very beneficial for everyone who is trying to lose weight.

6. It reduces insulin resistance in the body

Insulin resistance problem is one of the symptoms which people with type 2 diabetes usually have. Many studies show that using milk thistle tincture or capsules might help you a lot with this type of problems because the food will be broken down way much better and this will allow the body to utilize the food easier.

7. Improves asthma problems

Milk thistle will make your body more efficient machine and this will help the body to eliminate the toxins and mucus way much easier. Less mucus in the body less asthma symptoms will occur.

8. Stops the spread of cancer cells

Milk thistle and it’s active ingredient might help you to block the spreading of some types of cancer. One review from 2016 showed that milk thistle extract stops the growth of cancer and its cells in colorectal cancer.

9. It might improve bone health

Milk thistle may help and prevent bone diseases . Reserchers made a study in 2013 and they found that using milk thistle on regular and daily basis helped bone damages and prevented bone loss.

10. It might improve cognition

Also many studies showed the same effects like 2015 study which has found that milk thistle supplements have increased resistance to oxidation stress. Oxidation stress is one of the main causes of the Alzheimer’s disorders.

11. Improves general health and boosts the immune system

Milk thistle herb has so many positive effects on the human body and most of them are still not discovered but it is widely know that this herb is something worth of trying.

How to use this herb

Milk thistle is usually available in most of pharmacies around the world and it is mostly used in the form of capsules, tinctures, teas or powders. There is no standard daily dose but we think that you can not go wrong if you read the dosage suggestion written on every pack because the dosage of silymarinin inside may vary.

Source: Vegan-news.com