December 1, 2021
From Main Street Vegan

Episode 455, original air date November 11, 2021, on Unity Online Radio. Listen now at UOR, on your favorite podcast app. 

I wanted to do an episode with vegan musical luminaries, thinking we’d all feel revved up and start humming. Well, we got ourselves more than that. This is one of the most inspiring MSV episodes yet — and with nearly 10 years under our belts, that’s saying a lot. Both the inimitable star moby (small “m” is his preference) and longtime animal activist and newly minted country performer Simone Reyes are uber-dedicated to the cause of the animals. Listening to them just warms the heart through and through. And here’s a treat: at the end of Simone’s segment, we hear her croonin’ country like nobody’s business with her song ‘I’m Ready.’

Simone Reyes is a  renowned animal rights activist, Author, Vice President of communications of social compassion in legislation, and musician.
You can learn more about Simone at or follow her on Instagram @simonereyes and @simonereyesmusic. 

moby is a musician, DJ, photographer, author, and animal rights activist.
You can order mobi’s new cookbook, the Little Pine Cookbook, here.
You can also visit moby’s website and Instagram page.

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