September 20, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

UK supermarket Morrisons has treated us to a sneak peek of its vegan Christmas range for 2021.

As we welcome in the autumn months, thoughts of the big day and what we will serve are filling us with excitement.

Thanks to Morrisons’ vegan Christmas range we know that this year will be a treat for all!

From Vegan Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese to the supermarket’s Vegan Roast Joint with Herb & Onion Stuffing, get ready to tuck into a vegan Christmas like no other!

Vegan Canapés & Nibbles

For many people, this Christmas will be a chance to finally catch up and celebrate the season with their loved ones.

Treat your family (and yourself) to some delicious vegan nibbles from Morrisons.

Your guests will be stunned by these Vegan Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese pots (£4 for 2).

The BBQ smoked carrot is flavoured with nori and marinated in a dressing of rapeseed oil, cider vinegar, mirin and smoked paprika.

Layered on a base of coconut-based soft cheese, basil, marinated potatoes, leafy spinach, caper berries and sweet drip pepper pearls. Yum!

Morrisons vegan smoked salmon and cream cheese Christmas 2021

Additionally, the supermarket’s Best Mushroom St Jacques is a vegan twist on a french classic!

Crisp filo pastry mini tarts, filled with king oyster mushrooms and rich vegan cream sauce (£4 for 12).

Morrisons Best Mushroom St Jacques for Christmas 2021

Moreover, Christmas isn’t Christmas without vegan pâté!

We can’t wait to tuck into Morrisons Best Oven Roasted Mushroom Vegan Pâté.

This indulgent pâté is flavoured with garlic, parsley, thyme, porcini mushrooms and smoked paprika. Delicious!

Morrisons Best over roasted mushroom pâté

Vegan Christmas centrepiece

There is something so magical about preparing the main course for Christmas day.

However, we know that it is easy to become stressed and bogged down with hours of prep.

Take the stress out of the big day with Morrisons Vegan Roast Joint with Herb & Onion Stuffing (£5).

A succulent soya joint encases a centre of caramelised onion, parsley, sage and thyme stuffing.

Topped with paprika gluten-free bread crumbs and a bay leaf, it’s the perfect show-stopper.

Morrisons Vegan Roast Joint with Herb & Onion Stuffing

Alternatively, this classic Vegetable Wellington (£5) is certain to be a crowd-pleaser!

The wellington is filled with a vegetable and butternut squash joint hand wrapped in a cranberry, apricot and chestnut duxelles with a wholegrain mustard melt.

It’s all encased in a golden puff pastry and topped with pastry leaves for added flair.

Morrisons vegetable wellington

Furthermore, Morrisons vegan Christmas range will be available from the 21st of December.

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