November 2, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

If you are in London, you won’t want to miss these delicious dishes

Greenwich is a beautiful borough of London where most people come from far to see the observatory, park, market, cutty sark and maritime museum. Sometimes it’s hard to see past the chains of Costa, Nandos and Bills. But fear not, Greenwich is full of vegan options within smaller businesses. In this article, we will explore a few of our favourites.

Ruby’s Of London

First up is Ruby’s of London. An entirely vegan café within the Greenwich market. The founder of Ruby’s launched in the Greenwich market back in 2010, after being uninspired by free from cakes available for people with alternative dietary requirements. Cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies, cakes and more are available every day, and recently there has been a selection of quiche, salad and sausage rolls if you want something more savoury.

Our personal favourites are the apple and raspberry crumble, rocky road cookie and the dinky doughnut cupcakes, which are not only adorable but very tasty.

The Fudge Patch

The Fudge Patch is in the centre of Greenwich market and is more than just the creamiest melt in your mouth treat. The staff are incredible. They often make the fudge in store for people to watch and are overly generous in letting you try samples. Flavours include but arent limited to; Rhubarb and custard, lemon sherbert, creamy coffee and chocolate orange. Personal favourites are chocolate orange, ginger and salted caramel. All fudge is gluten-free and Vegan and makes an excellent gift for family and friends.

Even if you’re not a fudge fan, the experience of watching the staff shape the fudge whilst its cooling is worth a watch.

Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden is a short walk from the national maritime museum and is perfect for both long sittings for brunch or a quick coffee and cake stop. Although not entirely vegan, the café is vegetarian and has countless vegan options. From Vegan croissants to avocado toast, you won’t be short on choice. Our favourite is the berry pancakes. If you visit, the coffee and smoothies are also worth adding to your order.

The decor outside is set up with cosy garden furniture and flower decor above. We love this because it makes it even more special to take friends and family to.

Meru Galettes

‘Fresh, natural and wholesome crepes and galettes prepared with loving hands!’. Meru Galettes offer vegan crepe options, which come as a savoury crepe, but you can ask for any topping to be added if you fancy something sweet. Our favourite is ‘V for Vegano’, which includes homemade cashew cream, mushroom, spinach, olives, roasted tomatoes and varying seeds. We don’t usually think of savoury crepes, but this is very filling and is more of a lunch option than sweet toppings. 

Have you visited any of the above before? We would love to hear about your favourite spots!