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Neat Burger Launches Cheeseburger Into Space With Message That Rise of Vegan Food Will Be Meteoric

November 11, 2021
From Vegconomist

Neat Burger Launches Cheeseburger Into Space With Message That Rise of Vegan Food Will Be Meteoric – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • November 11, 2021


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    , backed by Formula One driver , has slashed the price of its cheeseburger from £6.49 to £1.99 for World Vegan Month, celebrating by launching the cheeseburger into outer space. says it wanted to send out the message that the rise of plant-based foods will be “meteoric”.

    Neat Burger says that hot air balloons and 100% recovered rigs were used to minimise the environmental impact of the stunt. 

    With the promotion, which runs until the end of the month, the burger underprices McDonald’s £3.49 . Neat Burger hopes the reduction will make plant-based living more affordable, accelerating the transition to a more sustainable food system. The cheeseburger consists of a pea protein patty topped with vegan cheese. It is served on a floured bun with ketchup, mustard, and pickles.

    Neat Burger
    © Neat Burger

    $70 million total funding

    Last month, a funding round increased Neat Burger’s value to $70 million. Following the round, the company announced it was planning to , opening one restaurant per month through to the end of next year. The chain had already been making since March, after finding huge success by .

    “Following our recent fundraise and announcement of our aggressive expansion plans, we wanted to celebrate our position as the game-changing global leader of the plant-based fast-food space by launching our new, highly accessible plant-based cheeseburger into space. We look forward to further accelerating the adoption of plant-based diets through more sites globally and more accessible menus,” said Co-Founder & CEO Zack Bishti.



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