December 24, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Lidl announce their Vegan products available for Veganuary

Lidl have regularly introduced new vegan items and just announced what will be available for veganuary 2022. All products will be launched on December 30th in stores.

In this article, we include the own-brand products that are currently listed on the Lidl website. Always double-check the ingredients, as although they are labelled vegan, there has been some confusion in the past.

Vegan Pizza

This Veganuary, Lidl is launching three Vegan pizza options; Vegan Salami, Verdura and tomato, kale and basil.

The Salami one will cost £1.69, Verdura  £2.49, and the tomato kale & basil is £2.29.

Vegan Mini Schnitzel

These Mini vegan schnitzels are available in a classic or cornflake version. You can find these in the frozen section in the store for £1.99.

Vegan Patties

These chicken-style patties have rice flour and wheat protein base and can be eaten in a burger, as a side or on their own. They are £1.99 in the frozen aisle.

Vegan Cold Cuts

These vegan sausage slices are great for a vegan sandwich or snacking board. You can choose from the flavours; ham, bell pepper or mushroom.

These packets will be priced at a reasonable 99p.

Vegan fish fingers

Ready for that vegan fish finger sandwiches from your dreams? These are made with a cauliflower and rice flour base to create that traditional texture.

They are priced at £1.99 and can be found in the frozen section.

Veganuary at Lidl

Vegan Tortilla

This potato tortilla with chickpeas and onion will be a great addition to the Lidl’s chilled section. The potato product will cost £1.99.

Vegan Medaglioni

This filled pasta is available in three flavours; mushroom, spinach and broccoli & olive. They cost £1.89 per packet and will be in the chilled aisle.

Vegan ready meals

These vegan ready meals will be available in three varieties; Bulgur mix, Lentil Curry and Chilli Sin Carne. Each bag will cost £1.99.

Which are you most excited about?

*Vegan Food UK are not responsible for any purchase of food. Please double check with store staff if concerned.