September 27, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

We always love seeing new products that are easily accessible, and Tesco is among many supermarkets that have a vegan range that just seems to get bigger and bigger.

The new brand that have been spotted recently on the Tesco supermarket shelves recently is Garden Gourmet. See our article on these products here

There are also a number of Wicked Kitchen products that are new, and these are unique products, such as:

Wicked Kitchen 4 Breakfast Patties 226G – £2.50

Wicked Kitchen Organic Firm Tofu – £2

Wicked Kitchen Organic Medium-Firm Tofu 300G – £2

Wicked Kitchen Spiced Apple Pie 200G – £1.30

Wicked Kitchen No-Lamb Roast with Pomegranate Glaze – £3

The other products that we spotted that are definitely worth a mention are:

THIS Isn’t Pork Mini Sausages £3.50

THIS Isn’t Pork Sage & Apple Stuffing Balls £3

THIS Isn’t Pork Pigs In Blankets £4.50

Meatless Farm Chicken Burgers £2.50

Linda McCartney Fish goujons £2.50

Meatless Farm 2 Chicken Burgers £2.50 

HECK Meat Free Chipolatas £2

We made vegan breakfast muffins with the Wicked Kitchen Breakfast Patties, see what we thought of them here:

Which products have you tried or wanting to try? And what do you think the above brands and others should bring out next?