October 1, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Soreen have released some special Halloween ‘Scream’ flavours and they’re ‘Fang-tastic’!

New Scream flavour

Soreen have been making Malt Loaves for 79 years and have a number of different flavours, all recently approved by The Vegan Society which we LOVE to see.

Their flavours include Banana Malt Loaf Bars, Apple Loaf, Fruity 5 LoafStrawberry Lunchbox Loaves and plenty more that are mostly vegan friendly!

Soreen’s malt loaf is still made to the same recipe that was created by John Sorensen back in 1938. The recipe is kept under lock and key and is only known by a handful of people.

They bake approximately 1.5 million loaves a week in their Manchester factory to be sent all over the world for people to enjoy.

Toffee Apple Soreen

Their Halloween specials this year are: Toffee Apple and Chocolate & Blood Orange

We managed to get our hands on both of the spook-tacular Scream Soreens and loved the flavour of both. The texture is as great as the other Soreen loaves and it’s nice to have something slightly different to snack on.

See our short video here:

There’s also talk of some Christmas Soreen flavours, however we haven’t had a chance to try them ourselves as yet.

Some of the deliciously snowy Christmas flavours are Gingebread Loaf and Raspberry & White Chocolate, both amazingly approved by The Vegan Food Society.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Soreen

Which out of all of these flavours are you most excited to try?

Source: Veganfooduk.co.uk