November 15, 2020
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Three-hundred Whole Foods locations will soon have a new plant-based bacon product in its stores. Hooray Foods bacon product, which is made primarily from oil, rice flour, and starch.

Note: The featured image is of vegan bacon, but not this new product from Hooray Foods. See their product in the video below!

This vegan bacon has been around for awhile, but is now taking a major step into the mainstream market via Whole Foods that they just announced in a press release today.

What’s in this plant-based bacon?

The ingredients list includes the following:

Coconut oil, rice flour, tapioca starch, liquid smoke, umami seasoning (shiitake mushrooms, salt, mushroom extract, calcium carbonate), maple syrup, salt, beet juice concentrate

The Hooray Foods bacon is also gluten, dairy and soy free.

Is this bacon a vegan product?

Yes. The restaurant kit on the Hooray Foods website notes that the product can be described as vegan.

But does it taste like bacon?

I haven’t tried this product (and it does contain oil), but it sounds like it’s not too bad tasting according to this C-Net writer who tried the product. Noted are attempts to improve the texture and mouth-feel of bacon.

Obviously this is not a health food (neither is bacon), but it does sound like it could mimic the animal-based product while not inflicting any cruelty.

Helping the environment and animals too

Hooray Foods, a start-up in San Francisco, wanted to make a product that had an environmental impact. A main goal of introducing plant-based products was to give the consumer a better choice in the food system.

Their website also notes that they are planning some activism.

plan to partner with non-profit animal farms and sanctuaries to help provide funds toward pigs rescued from production and abuse

Hopefully we’ll learn more about their activities in this space soon!

When is the plant-based bacon coming to Whole Foods?

This new bacon product is already arriving in Whole Foods locations, and the roll-out should be complete by the end of this month.

Have you tried the Hooray plant-based bacon? How was it, and which store did you find it in? Let us know in the comments! has no affiliation whatsoever with Hooray Foods or Whole Foods.

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