June 2, 2023
From VegWorld Magazine

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SEOUL, South Korea — SHINSEGAE FOOD Inc. (KRX: 031440) announced that its No Brand Burger has released the ‘Better Burger’ made with 100% plant-based ingredients for the first time among burger franchises across the globe.

No Brand Burger‘s ‘Better Burger’ is the first whose four major ingredients are all plant based, including ‘Better Bun’, a 100% plant-based burger bun developed by SHINSEGAE FOOD by leveraging its unique food technology competency, a patty made with ‘Better Meat’, a plant-based alternative meat, recently developed veggie cheese and sauce. Among burger franchises around the world, No Brand Burger’s ‘Better Burger’ is the first burger even whose cheese is also plant-based.

In particular, ‘Better Burger’ has enriched its meat flavor with a patty made with ‘Better meat’, a plant-based alternative meat of SHINSEGAE FOOD, as well as Bolognese sauce with plant-based ground meat for consumers who often enjoy meat. The price is KRW 5,200 for a la carte and KRW 7,200 for a set.

Moreover, No Brand Burger plans to spread social values such as human health, global environment, and animal welfare while providing a positive experience for alternative foods by continuously introducing various plant-based menus through its ‘Better Choice’, a low-carbon healthy menu group whose service will coincide with the launch of ‘Better Burger’. To this end, in the upcoming June, ‘Better Nugget’, which uses 100% plant-based ingredients to enhance the taste of chicken nuggets, will be launched.

An official from SHINSEGAE FOOD said, “No Brand Burger released the Better Burger containing plant-based ingredients developed by our own food tech capabilities with the aim of providing more tasty and healthy burgers to generation MZ consumers who prioritize value-conscious consumption. We plan to launch numerous menus to expand consumers’ menu choices and publicize the social value of alternative foods.”



Source: Vegworldmag.com