May 5, 2023

In February, a video reportedly captured in McAlester, Oklahoma, started making the rounds and eventually went viral. The disturbing footage depicted a man drying a small dog with a towel and becoming increasingly violent with the terrified animal—ultimately landing blows on the dog, throwing and pinning them to a concrete curb, choking them, and then hurling them by the scruff of the neck into his residence. The obviously traumatized dog tried in vain to escape and frantically screamed throughout the attack, which seemed to last forever. Authorities had passed the case on to the Pittsburg County district attorney, and PETA promptly beseeched him to consider felony cruelty-to-animals charges, which would appear to be wholly merited, as Oklahoma §21-1685 prohibits the cruel beating of animals, with no exemptions. He remained unresponsive, despite our multiple attempts to follow up with his office, and PETA caseworkers recently learned that, mystifyingly, the case was rejected! Making matters worse, the dog is reportedly still with the man who so viciously victimized the animal.

Video of the incident recorded on February 4, 2023

Please contact the Pittsburg County District Attorney’s Office and request that the DA give additional consideration to these charges. Ask that the dog be confiscated for their own safety while the case is being prosecuted, as is common in such cases, and that, should there be a conviction, this man be prohibited from owning or harboring animals for as long as possible.

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