June 8, 2023
From VegWorld Magazine

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The nonprofit organization Plant Futures has spearheaded the creation of a membership platform to enable motivated students and professionals alike to accelerate their careers and the global transition to a more plant-centric world. 

[MAY 11th, 2023] – Plant Futures – a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the transition to a plant-based world for the well-being of our planet, humans, and animals – has launched a brand new membership model. 

At the forefront of the rapidly growing plant-based movement, the organization champions the innovative minds of our generation and fuels the momentum for a timely and conscious food system transformation. Since its inception three years ago, its inventive systems-thinking curriculum and silo-busting community model have been incorporated at numerous institutions across the country and even the world. 

Plant Futures has been cultivating a rapidly growing community of students, professionals, and academics – from a myriad of different backgrounds and with a diversity of interests – all brought together for a common purpose. Now, it is looking to expand its reach and impact with the announcement of its newest initiative to bring this global community of game-changers to a central hub. The new PLANT FUTURES MEMBERSHIP gives members the opportunity to join a diverse set of change-makers to compound their individual impact and ensure that the next generation is ready and able to contribute meaningfully to the food system revolution we all envision. Individuals and organizations are welcome to join at a variety of different tiers, each with unique offerings and perks. 

Plant Futures members have access to a multitude of benefits, including: 

The Plant Futures team adapted a membership-for-donation model, where all membership fees will be used towards furthering all of Plant Futurists’ plant-powered solutions for a healthy and just future for our planet.

Learn more about the benefits of membership and how to join on the Plant Futures website.

About Plant Futures 

Plant Futures is a 501c3 nonprofit organization empowering and equipping students to become ethical leaders, systems thinkers, and effective advocates for a plant-centric future. Fixing our broken food system with a plant-centric approach is a solution that exists at the nexus point of many of the biggest problems facing humanity today: climate change, food security, chronic disease, pandemics, animal rights abuses and more. Through our combination of groundbreaking curricula being rolled out at universities across the world; Challenge Lab programs where students work alongside industry leaders over the course of a semester to come up with real-world solutions for large-scale problems; Chapter Network spread across the globe made up of students bonded by their interest in a plant-based future; and annual Symposium designed to reach, educate and inspire a diverse community of students, professionals and the public, Plant Futures is making an impact. Visit plantfuturesinitiative.org for more information.


Grace Roberts Burbank

Marketing & Communications Manager

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