June 9, 2023
From VegOut Magazine

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Spread the love with Oatly plant-based cream cheese, available across the US later this month! This exciting next era in Oatly products will roll out with two scrumptious plant-based cream cheese flavors, Plain and Chive & Onion, which will provide plant lovers with a creamy and tangy experience minus the dairy!

Oatly to Release Vegan Cream Cheese Nationwide

Crafted by the minds at Oatly’s Philadelphia R&D lab, this dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO cream cheese delivers the same incredible taste and performance that cream cheese aficionados adore! It’s rich, creamy, and perfect for slathering on bagels, adding a twist to your favorite recipes or simply enjoying as a flavorful condiment. Oatly Plain and Chive & Onion cream cheeses will become available in 8oz containers in stores across the country starting throughout the month of June.

Just earlier this year, Oatly tested Oatly Cream Cheese in select locations in Philadelphia. The pilot clearly was a smashing success, with the product rolling out nationwide just months later!

Person holding tray of cinnamon rolls with Oatly cream cheese on tray

Courtesy of Oatly

Harnessing the Power of Oats: A Lower Impact Cream Cheese

Mike Messersmith, President of Oatly North America, expressed his enthusiasm for the new product, saying, “Oatly has always been at the forefront of providing delicious plant-based alternatives, and this new cream cheese is no exception. We’re incredibly excited about its launch in the US because it not only expands our mission to introduce more plant-based options to consumers but also showcases the versatility and potential of oat-based products.”

Harnessing the power of oats, which have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional dairy products, Oatly’s cream cheese offers another fantastic opportunity for people to make the switch to plant-based foods effortlessly. If you’re ready to indulge in the creamy goodness of plant-based cream cheese, keep an eye out for Oatly’s Plain and Chive & Onion varieties at your favorite retailers.


Courtesy of Oatly

For more information, visit Oatly.com.

Source: Vegoutmag.com