October 4, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Vegan pork brand, OmniPork, is bringing plant-based pork to multiple menus by launching The Big Vegan Pig Out in the UK.

Asia’s leading plant-based pork brand, OmniPork, has developed a selection of exciting new dishes highlighting the versatility of its mock-pork range as part of The Big Vegan Pig Out campaign.

The campaign is in partnership with an array of esteemed UK restaurants and brings mouth-watering plant-based pork meals to 21 new locations, mainly in London.

OmniPork’s new dishes feature the brand’s pork style strips, the award-winning Mince, and Spam-style Luncheon. The innovative offerings include dumplings, burgers, shawarma wraps and even a spam-topped pizza!

The campaign will run until 31st October

omnipork vegan pig out menu

On the menu

Here are some of the delicious new dishes on offer from OmniPork and where to find them:

  • Omni Miso Tan Tan Men from Nanban (London, Brixton)
  • Steamed OmniPork Radish Dumplings from Royal China Group (London, multiple locations)
  • The Omni Burger from Nanny Bill’s (London, multiple locations)
  • Loaded Poyk & Kimchi Friez with Omni Strips from No Bonez (London, Hackney)
  • OmniPork Luncheon Bao Buns from Hanoi Ca Phe (London, Hackney)
  • Spamriyaki Burger from Plant Hustler (Bournemouth)
  • Meat Feast Pizza featuring OmniPork Mince from Plant Powered Pizza (London, mobile – regular to Greenwich Market)
  • Omni Shawarma Wrap from VeganE (London, Fulham)

OmniPork in the UK

Since 2018, OmniPork has taken Asian countries by storm with its tasty and versatile vegan pork products.

The Big Vegan Pig Out comes as the brand’s first major campaign since hitting UK shores.

David Yeung, Founder of OmniFoods says, “We are delighted to be partnering with such a dazzling array of talented chefs and lively restaurants for Omnilicious Eats – The Big Vegan Pig Out.

“Teaming up with these restaurants to showcase our OmniPork products is an honour and we can’t wait for consumers to taste all the different ways it can be prepared.

“With more and more of our community enthusiastically adopting plant-based or flexitarian lifestyles, products like OmniPork allow anyone who is looking for a more sustainable, healthier alternative to seamlessly make the transition away from traditional meat products”.

OmniPork is part of the award-winning food innovation social enterprise Green Monday Group, who work to increase plant-based diet and lifestyle awareness.

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Source: Veganfoodandliving.com