September 28, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

How is organic farming more sustainable?

Organic plant cultivation is great for the environment because it doesn’t pollute, it increases soil fertility, reduces soil erosion and protects wildlife.

That way, it ensures the land can be used for generations to come without exhausting the natural resources in the area.

One of the features of organic farming is cultivation of naturally more resilient crops that can ensure a reliable food supply.

The organic standards mean that farm workers and people living in the area are not exposed to dangerous chemicals, which supports their health. That’s also a key part of sustainability.

How does organic farming support wildlife and biodiversity?

Synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals don’t just kill the unwelcome plants (weeds) or insects, they kill a number of species that are important to maintaining balance in nature.

The poster species for the devastating effects of some industrial pesticides are bees.

When bees die, our entire food supply will collapse because bees are the main pollinators ensuring successful crop yields. Yet it’s not only about bees.

Organic farming also protects thousands of other insect species, hedgehogs, birds, bats, frogs and fish. It doesn’t poison them and their environment.

Another big factor is that organic farming supports wildlife by maintaining hedgerows, ponds and woodlands.

Synthetic fertilizers can pollute streams and ponds, throwing the whole ecosystem into disarray and causing problems such as algal bloom.

When that happens, algae reproduce at a rapid pace, covering entire water surfaces and suffocating fish who live there.

This simply doesn’t happen with organic farming! But that’s not all.

By avoiding GM, organic farming also protects local species from introducing foreign genes into their populations.

It’s true that some GM plants are safe but we still don’t have enough data to be certain of long-term effects of GM on native species and the environment.

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