October 27, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Owners of Flora and Bertolli, Upfield, have announced its ambitious plan to make all of its brands 100% plant-based by 2025 in a bid to fight climate change

Food brand Upfield has committed to making all 15 of its global brands 100% vegan by 2025.

Upfield own a number of dairy-based brands such as Flora, Elmlea, Violife and ProActive.

The brand’s campaign titled ‘A Better Plant-Based Future’ aims to protect the environment and fight climate change.

Moreover, Upfield hopes its ambitious goal will inspire other companies to follow in its footsteps.

A Better Plant-Based Future

Upfield’s plant-based strategy aims to enable people to lead healthier and happier lives without the expense of the planet.

The food company’s goal follows the ever-growing demand for plant-based products and alternatives to dairy.

In addition to its already extensive vegan range, Upfield will be ditching dairy in popular brands such as Bertolli, Elmlea and Flora.

In the announcement, Upfield writes: “We want to continue to help and encourage people to switch from dairy to plant-based options by offering great tasting products taste and perform as well as, if not better, than their dairy counterparts.”

“We want to accelerate the adoption of plant-based diets by making sure that our products continue to be innovative and accessible.”

Additionally, the company explained it aims to raise awareness of the meat and dairy industry’s effect on the environment.

Adding: “We want to go further and commit to better than net-zero on carbon across our portfolio, and zero on waste.”

“Plastic is one of the biggest environmental issues facing our planet and by committing to being 95% plastic-free and having better packaging by 2030”

It is so encouraging to see big brands commit to big changes.

We hope Upfield’s move to be 100% vegan will inspire other businesses as well as its customers to ditch dairy and give plant-based a try.

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Source: Veganfoodandliving.com