January 26, 2022
From VegOut Magazine

After a successful launch of vegan-friendly orange chicken last year, Panda Express is testing two Beyond Beef dishes in Pasadena starting today! Until February 23, guests can stop by and try Mapo Tofu with Beyond Beef and String Beans with Beyond Beef.

Beyond Beef at Panda Express

Although Beyond Chicken has appeared on menus of select locations, this will be the first time customers can order Beyond Beef at Panda Express. The meat alternative, made from peas and brown rice, is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO. It will be used in two popular Chinese dishes to make them plant-based.

Panda Express’ Vegan Mapo Tofu

First is Mapo Tofu with Beyond Beef. Traditionally, this dish contains minced beef but the vegan mapo tofu at Panda Express features small pieces of firm tofu and Beyond Beef, wok-tossed in a Sichuan garlic sauce. When served over white rice, this dish is *chef’s kiss*.

Panda Express Beyond Beef

Panda Express’ Vegan Beef with Green Beans

The second menu item being tested is Beyond Beef with Green Beans. You can probably assume what is in this dish—Beyond Beef and green beans! Both ingredients are wok-fired in a drool-worthy garlic sauce. The Panda Express culinary team recommends enjoying this vegan beef with green beans alongside Eggplant Tofu and Chow Mein.

Panda Express String Beans

Vegan Options at Panda Express

Both Beyond Beef dishes are made from vegan ingredients but are cooked and prepped in the same kitchen as non-vegan ingredients. They are available at the Panda Express Innovation Kitchen in Pasadena, California until February 23. The Innovation Kitchen is a place for chefs to try out new recipes that, in this case, will hopefully make it on the permanent menu nationwide!

Other vegan options at Panda Express include White and Brown Rice, Chow Mein, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Eggplant Tofu, Super Greens, and Beyond the Original Orange Chicken (select locations).

For more information, visit PandaExpress.com.

Source: Vegoutmag.com