December 1, 2021
From Main Street Vegan

Episode 456, original air date November 25, 2021, on Unity Online Radio. Listen now at UOR, on your favorite podcast app.

We have joining us today, hosts of Conscious Living, Michael and Bianca Alexander. Conscious Living is a fun lifestyle series now streaming on Amazon Prime, and premiering on PBS (for season 4!) that travels the globe on a hunt for what it takes to be a more mindful human – from unique yoga and wellness adventures to mouthwatering vegan street food, sustainable eco-fashion and design, and uplifting spiritual transformation. Through the exciting and meaningful adventures of its hosts — vegan chef Michael Alexander and his yogi wife, Bianca — Conscious Living inspires audiences around the world to embrace a more conscientious, healthy life.

Where to find them? 

Conscious Living Website 

Conscious Living on Instagram

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