March 31, 2022

Ready, aim, fire! You don’t need a canvas to make painting a blast. With the PETA and Crayola Little Animal Rights Activist’s First Paint-Throwing Kit, kids can take their love for animals—and their natural energy—to the next level by shooting an arc of water-based, washable paint on anyone wearing wool, fur, leather, or any other cruelly obtained animal-derived clothing!

peta and crayola present little animal rights activist's first paint-throwing kit

PETA and Crayola Little Animal Rights Activist’s First Paint-Throwing Kit Description

The PETA and Crayola Little Animal Rights Activist’s First Paint-Throwing Kit is a fun way to help animals—just stand back and shoot! By creating large spatter marks with the paint sprayer, your child can advise anyone wearing animal skins, wool, or hair that cows, sheep, rabbits, alpacas, and other animals didn’t give it up voluntarily. In other words, it doesn’t belong to the wearer.

Made for kids ages 3 and up, the paint sprayer comes with two prefilled red paint cartridges, two animal-shaped stencils , and an instruction sheet. Calling out animal-derived materials has never been so fun and educational!

PETA and Crayola Little Animal Rights Activist’s First Paint-Throwing Kit Features

  • Paint Sprayer

The paint sprayer lets your child—or you—raise awareness of cruelty to animals everywhere you go: the library, the playground, the laundromat, the bookstore, the grocery store, in waiting rooms, on the bus, and even at school. It sprays up to 25 feet, and the paint sticks to any surface—so you can take action for the smallest silkworm to the largest alpaca and call out anyone contributing to the suffering of animals used by the clothing industry. In addition to blasting sweaters made of sheep’s wool, purses made of cow’s skin, and shirts made of silk, the sprayer can also be used to target storefronts, restaurants flaunting meat, and any place that exploits animals! Remember—it makes a point, but it all washes off.

  • Kid-Powered, Refillable Sprayer Is Easy to Use

Young activists don’t need to worry about batteries! Simply pump up the sprayer to create pressure. The paint will let people know that compassion is always fashionable and that it’s never right to wear parts of someone.

  • Washable Formula Rinses Away With Water

The red paint is washable and won’t do permanent damage to surfaces or skin, making clean-up easy. Simply wash the paint away with water.

  • Animal-Shaped Stencils Expand Your Activism

The kit comes with stencils shaped like cows, rabbits, sheep, and other animals.

  • Package Contents

The paint sprayer comes with two refillable cartridges of washable red paint, stencils, and instructions.

Start Making Activism a ‘Bloody’ Blast Today!

See? Taking action for animals is compassionate and fun! Get your hands on the Little Animal Rights Activist’s First Paint-Throwing Kit today: