March 9, 2023

PETA’s got a seat at a new table, thanks to a supporter’s stock purchase in Taiwanese probiotics company GenMont Biotech Inc., which hasn’t had the guts to move away from its cruel, ineffective animal tests, which aren’t required by law. Now we intend to show the company’s cruelty directly to investors at its annual general meeting.

Between 2008 and 2018, GenMont conducted or funded at least seven experiments on animals, mutilating and killing at least 378 of them. Experimenters repeatedly force-fed mice probiotics, injected them with allergens that caused painful reactions, cut out rats’ ovaries, and broke animals’ necks to kill them, among other abusive acts.

photo of product

No health claim for marketing a food supplement is worth mutilating and tormenting animals. If GenMont really wants to know how its probiotics work in humans, it should pay willing humans for a study.

PETA and our partner organization in Taiwan, Kindness to Animals, attempted to contact GenMont, urging it to end these experiments, and over 72,000 PETA supporters sent e-mails to the company’s leadership asking the same. But the tests continue, so here we are.

GenMont Lags Behind Its Peers

GenMont must stop using marketing as an excuse to harm and kill animals. Its position is in stark contrast to that of dozens of other global food companies, several of which are based in Taiwan, including Asia’s largest food company, Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, which ended animal tests after talks with PETA and Kindness to Animals.

What You Can Do

Please take a moment to defend animals tormented and killed by Taiwanese food giants whose experimenters maim, poison, and kill for the sake of making bogus health claims in attempts to market food products.