December 10, 2021

What do dogs and cats really want for the holidays? Keep reading to discover what they would ask Santa for if they could on PETA’s holiday wish list for cats and dogs.

A Holiday Wish List From Cats and Dogs

Dogs want a harness to replace any shock, prong, or choke collars on their necks. Cats want to see declawing banned and to receive a scratching post—an appropriate place to scratch so that they can keep their claws in good shape, as nature intended.

Dogs want to be allowed to sniff the bushes during their walks, as well as setting the pace and choosing the route once in a while. Cats dream of a room with view or having a “catio” to lounge in.

Both want states to pass spay/neuter laws to help end animal homelessness and shelters to “fix” all adopted animals before they go home so that they won’t add to the companion animal overpopulation crisis. They also want people to be brave enough not to subject their animal companions to prolonged suffering in their final days because it’s so hard to say goodbye.

Most of all, animals want your love and attention.

PETA christmas holiday wish list cats dogs

On their behalf, PETA wants the words “owner” and “pet” replaced with “guardian” and “companion” and all animals to be treated as cherished and respected members of the family.

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