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Plant-Based Industry to Flourish in Benelux With Support From Veg Capital & Kale United

October 8, 2021
From Vegconomist

Plant-Based Industry to Flourish in Benelux With Support From Veg Capital & Kale United – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • October 8, 2021


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    UK’s and Sweden’s , two game-changers in the world of vegan and ethical investment, have invested in , a Netherlands distributor of plant-based products, signalling the acceleration of vegan product availability in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

    The partnership between these three ethically aligned companies with an impressive combined international vegan network has huge potential for the growth of plant-based business in the three markets. The funds will be utilised to accelerate the growth of current Brandplant brands, in addition to portfolio brands of and, who in return will support Brandplant’s own brands in the UK and Scandinavia.

    “It really is a win-win situation,” states Veg Capital’s Managing Director Matthew Glover, who also co-founded and , “as we enable their continued growth while also allowing our portfolio companies to access new European markets.”


    Brandplant was founded in 2020 by Dirk Schnellen, Gertjan Kruijk and Erik van Gangelen and currently distributes brands such as VFC, Vantastic Foods, and two of its own-brands, Pianta and Upside. Co-founder Erik van Gangelen said, “Working with Veg Capital’s team to bring portfolio brands, such as VFC, to the Benelux region creates value for both partners, which has only been strengthened by Kale United joining this partnership.”

    Kale United’s Founder explained, “This is part of Kale United’s strategic plan to solve distribution of plant-based brands all across Europe. We also look forward to take Brandplant’s brands to the Nordics.”

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