August 23, 2021
From The Vegan Kind

Plant Based News Limited has announced a new funding round with the aim of securing investment to support its growth. 

Launching on SEEDRS, the crowdfunding campaign is seeking a target of £500,000 investment from supporters, who in return will own a share of the company and help in its mission to combat climate change, tackle cruelty to animals and encourage healthier eating habits.
PBN says £250,000 has been already promised by anchor investors – all of whom have gained a reputation for backing vegan projects – with the remaining amount to be achieved through crowdfunding.

Klaus Mitchell, Plant Based News founder, says: “Crowdfunding campaigns are all about giving people an opportunity to get behind projects they care about. Plant Based News Limited has made it its mission to combat climate change, reduce cruelty to animals and support healthier eating by creating awareness of ethical consumerism, sustainability and the plant-based lifestyle.”

The current round of investment will enable the company to take advantage of consumer demand for sustainability and the fast-growing plant-based market.

Plant Based News Ltd claims it has attracted over 1.62 billion impressions and built 2.4 million followers across social media platforms since the launch of its website in 2017. It also established its own in-house design agency that delivers media content, and marketing services for PBN, plant-based products and vegan brands. 
Between February 2020 and February 2021, the company increased its revenue by 85%, and is one of the world’s most frequently visited vegan websites. As a result, it is now looking to secure additional income to grow its core team and develop its infrastructure. 

The company has its sights set on advertising partnerships with major corporations. The new funding will allow Plant Based News Limited to create ‘the ultimate plant-based influencer network’, offering brands a multitude of ways to reach audiences.

PBN plans to increase its audience beyond vegans and those reducing their animal product intake.

Robbie Lockie, Plant Based News co-founder, says: “Now we’re ready to take things to the next level and become the premiere destination for consumers and brands in the conscious consumer space. We hope that by investing in our company, people will recognise that they aren’t just making a financial investment but helping to make the world a more sustainable place too. With the backing of our funders, a fast-growing plant-based economy and a genuine belief in our aims, we’re determined to achieve our goals.”

Those interested in investing can register their interest at a pre-launch page on the SEEDRS website from 23rd August 2021.