October 20, 2021
From VegOut Magazine

Nationwide plant-based food and beverage brand Pressed is launching La Colombe vegan cold brew smoothies. The collaboration features two protein-packed coffee smoothies with no added sugars that will roll out at Pressed stores nationwide.

Pressed and La Colombe’s New Beverage Line

Pressed and La Colombe’s new beverage line includes a Vanilla Protein Cold Brew Smoothie and Mocha Reishi Cold Brew Smoothie. Both energizing drinks are made with responsibly sourced, single-origin La Colombe cold brew coffee and innovative superfood ingredients like maca and reishi.

The Mocha Reishi Latte Smoothie is composed of banana, monk fruit sweetener, almond butter, pea protein, cacao, oats, coffee, reishi mushroom powder, and filtered water. It comes in at 150mg caffeine and 12g protein per serving. The Vanilla Protein Cold Brew Smoothie’s ingredient list includes coffee, banana, monk fruit, almond butter, pea protein, oats, maca, and vanilla extract. It comes in at 140mg caffeine and 10g protein per serving.

The coffee-powered smoothies will debut at Pressed locations in New York City on October 28 and will be available at all Pressed stores nationwide starting November 2. New York City residents will also get a special opportunity to sample the new flavors at special Pressed x La Colombe coffee carts that will be popping up throughout the city from October 28-30, so stay tuned for more details on Pressed’s Instagram.

New Vegan Items at Pressed

A few other new vegan items to try out at Pressed include the Acai and Pumpkin Spice Freeze flavors as well as the Triple Berry Smoothie. If you’re looking for a bundle with immune-boosting ingredients, we’d recommend Pressed’s Shot Sampler Set or Cleanse 4 (juice cleanse with smoothies to supplement). Please note: Most of Pressed products are 100% aside from a few Freeze toppings and beverages that contain honey.

For more information, visit Pressed.com.

Source: Vegoutmag.com